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PRESTAN Products Joins Women's Health Campaign


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Published Thursday, March 31, 2022 5:00 pm

Leading Medical Technology Manufacturer, PRESTAN Products, Joins Women's Health Campaign

Medical technology manufacturer PRESTAN Products has partnered with Mediaplanet for their “Women’s Health” campaign. In the campaign, PRESTAN shares how they hope to save more women’s lives with their new PRESTAN Female Accessory™.



Mediaplanet is excited to launch our Women's Health campaign in partnership with PRESTAN Products. Did you know that women are less likely than men to receive CPR from a bystander in the event of an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest due to unfounded fears and misconceptions? PRESTAN is seeking to eliminate this disparity with their new PRESTAN Female Accessory™. This accessory has been designed to build confidence in CPR training, encourage dialogue, break down barriers, eliminate gender bias in CPR administration, and improve CPR survival rates in women. The PRESTAN Female Accessory is available in both medium and dark skin tones and can be paired with PRESTAN CPR Training Shirts for a full, real-life scenario training experience.

“Every second is crucial when CPR is needed,” says PRESTAN’s vice president of worldwide sales and marketing, Ed Feil, “and there is no time for hesitation or questioning one’s skills or hand placement.”

PRESTAN is committed to building confidence in CPR training instructors and their students. “We want bystanders to be prepared and to feel comfortable performing CPR on all cardiac arrest victims, including women,” says Feil. “There was a clear product gap in the Basic Life Support (BLS) market, and we are proud to be the first CPR training manikin provider to offer a product solution to this long-standing problem.”

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Source - Leading Medical Technology Manufacturer, PRESTAN Products, Joins Women's Health Campaign (

Press Contact -  Danielle Elbert, Mediaplanet,

Date Published - March 31, 202

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