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Building Confidence to Save Women’s Lives

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Published Tuesday, February 1, 2022 10:00 am

PRESTAN aims to improve cardiac arrest survival rates for women with new PRESTAN Female Accessory™ for CPR training manikins.


CLEVELAND--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Women are less likely to receive CPR from a bystander and PRESTAN Products, LLC wants to change that by arming CPR training instructors with the right tools that allow them to build confidence in their students to act. With the launch of the new PRESTAN Female Accessory, PRESTAN gets to the heart of the matter by addressing the fears that can define a lifesaving situation.

American Heart Association (AHA) data shows women who suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in a public setting are 23% less likely to survive than men, but why?1 In these critical moments, women receive CPR just 39% of the time compared to 45% for men. Often rescuers are:

  • Afraid to injure the women.
  • Afraid to be accused of sexual assault or misconduct.
  • Operating with the misconception that women don’t suffer cardiac arrest (in fact, heart disease is the leading killer of women in the United States2).
  • Reluctant to touch women in any way that might be deemed inappropriate.

“People have trained on flat-chested manikins for years but hesitate in an emergency involving women,” says Eric Moon, Director of Product Management for PRESTAN. “Suddenly there are questions about where is it appropriate to place my hands, or should I expose a women’s chest? This leads to inaction when every second counts. We want to acknowledge these very real concerns, create conversation between CPR training instructors and students, and eliminate the barriers that put women’s lives in greater peril in a cardiac incident as statistics show.”

Building Confidence

With the PRESTAN Female Accessory exclusive to PRESTAN manikins, instructors can focus their attention on preparing students to act fast in an emergency. The patent-pending PRESTAN Female Accessory easily attaches to PRESTAN Professional Adult, Professional Adult Series 2000 and Ultralite® CPR training manikins and mimics the female anatomy, giving instructors a better way to build confidence in their students by creating a comfort level that hasn’t been easy to achieve in classrooms until now.

Available in dark and medium skin tones, the PRESTAN Female Accessory ships in packs of four, is hand washable, and fully complies with current industry guidelines, including the most recent AHA Integrated Feedback Directive.

“There is a clear need in the basic life support space for female-oriented training manikins and now we’re bridging that gap,” Moon says. “What’s interesting is the very first CPR manikin was dubbed ‘Anne’ but was flat chested like nearly all iterations that followed. We are excited to move the market forward so that women are more likely to receive prompt CPR from someone who has been prepared for a lifesaving moment.”

To learn more about the PRESTAN Female Accessory, CPR Training Manikins and AED Trainers, or find a PRESTAN authorized distributor near you, visit

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Author - Morgan Jupina, akhia communications;

Date Published - February 1, 2022

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